Why Partner With Us?

We are dedicated to find the best and most cost-effective solution
for each individual study.

Small, flexible and committed

Our small team is highly motivated, solution-oriented, flexible and stable. For the complete study duration, one designated team member is fully engaged in your study and responds quickly to your needs.

meets science

Our bioanalytical experts combine scientific leadership with professional project execution. With nearly 20 years of experience we use our expertise to develop better study protocols for meaningful data.

Highest quality standards

With Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certifications our lab performs method development, validation and measurements for clinical studies (GCP), pre-clinical studies (GLP) and drug release studies (GMP).

Streamlined and seamless processes

In-house PK/PD analysis, data management and biostatistics allows us to streamline data flows, provide seamless interfaces from data source to reporting without unnecessary delays.

We know the limits

Our staff are highly trained bioanalytical experts, data management specialists and biostatistical experts with a strong research background. If your requirements are beyond our expertise, we will recommend other partners.

Independent and objective

Our team is part of the publicly owned non-profit research organisation JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungs- gesellschaft mbH. As such, it is our utmost interest to be independent and objective.

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If you have further questions
regarding our approach 
and capabilities we will put
you directly in touch
with a member of our team.