Stable Isotope Tracer Methods

We determine metabolite turn-over rates, body water content, total energy expenditure as well as trace activity of metabolic pathways.





For almost 20 years, we have been using stable isotope tracer methods to study metabolism. Stable isotope tracers can be used to determine metabolite turn-over rates (i.e. lipolysis, glucose kinetics), body water content and total energy expenditure and furthermore to trace activity of metabolic pathways. We select the best stable iosotpe tracer method for your research question and support you in the study design. We can also conduct the clinical trial and we provide the necessary analytical methods, calculations and data analysis.


Our Services


  • Selecting the right stable isotope tracer for GCP compliant clinical studies
  • Analytical methods for stable isotope tracers (also according to GLP if required)
  • Calculations
  • Data analysis
  • Clinical trials in cooperation with our partners


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