We support your dermatological drug development program from early stage candidate screening to clinical testing. We focus on IVRT testing and assess intradermal PK and PD profiles ex-vivo and in-vivo using our propritary open flow microperfusion.


In Vitro Release Testing (IVRT)

IVRT with Franz diffusion cells in combination with GLP compliant bioanalytical analyses.

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Ex-vivo PK Testing

We investigate and compare skin penetration and release rates of topically applied APls.

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Preclinical Studies

In-vivo preclinical assessment of intradermal PK/PD profiles in animal disease models.

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Clinical Studies

In-vivo clinical assessment of intradermal PK/PD profiles in healthy volunteer patients.

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Bioequivalence testing

Fast and efficient PK based bioequivalence testing of topical generics.

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Supporting Services

Webinar - Informed decisions in dermal drug development with dOFM

Dr Thomas Birngruber and Dr Frank Sinner present valuable insights on improved formulation screening and local dermal PK and PD using dOFM sampling. 

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