Peptide hormone analysis

We analyse and differentiate endogenous or therapeutic peptides and interfering products in (pre-)clinical study samples.





Selective and sensitive analysis of peptide hormones in clinical studies is challenging. Endogenous therapeutic peptides with a similar molecular structure, biological precursors, or inactive degradation products can interfere with the analytical method. This can lead to biased results and an erroneous biological interpretation of the study outcome. We provide an analytical solution for this challenge.

Our Services


  • Validated (EMA) method for the selective determination of human insulin and insulin analogues
  • Established selective glucagon assay
  • Method development for peptide hormones and therapeutic peptides based on ELISA or mass spectrometry
  • Method validation according to recent guidelines (EMA, FDA)
  • GLP or non-GLP analysis of study samples


Join our experts on 1st June for selected analytical methods for diabetes and obesity research.

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